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Whiskey - horse rig

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Meet Whiskey- Horse rig.

After so many requests from my VFX friends and colleagues and Animation students on the rigs from CAW, we have finally started making for the animators around the world who wanted to get their hands on the VFX standard rig. This is the first one in the series of many animals to come.

We have created this Horse Maya high-end creature rig with high VFX standards for all the animators around and for all the levels of animators to practice or Make a portfolio ar a kickass shot to their showreel.

Rig package includes:

  • Rig

  • Textures

  • Rig explanation videos.

Rig specialties:

  • Animator friendly

  • VFX standard rig.

  • Extra level of Muscle cons to get the juicy muscle details.

  • Extra level of controls on Chest, Hips, and head to add the extra layer of animation.

  • Light and efficient.

Who can use:

  • Animation students

  • All the levels of animators

  • Animators from, Games, TV, and Films.

Compatibility from Maya 2018 and higher versions.

Terms of use:

No racist, pornographic, or otherwise offensive content.

Educational, non-commercial use only. You are allowed to use these rigs on your animation reel or portfolio.
Licenses are for a single user. Only the buyer can use the downloaded files, please refrain from sharing or distributing them in any way.

For Animation schools/ Colleges; can be used only within the schools and students' usage multiple times in multiple classes, please refrain from sharing or distributing them in any way.
For Commercial purposes: You can tweak the asset and can be used for commercials / TV/ Films or any other commercial purposes.

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VFX Standard quality rig for the Animators. you will get Maya Rig, Textures and the rig explanation video with the package.


Whiskey - horse rig

0 ratings
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