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Savannah Standard version - Lioness rig

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Meet Savannah- The lioness.

We have created this Lioness Maya high-end creature rig with high VFX standards for all the animators around and for all the levels of animators to practice or Make a portfolio ar a kickass shot to their showreel.

This version of the rig is the standard version.

Standard version:

Rig package includes:

  • Standard Rig

  • Rig explanation videos.

  • Textures are an extra option for £10.

Rig specialties:

  • Animator friendly

  • VFX standard rig.

  • Extra level of Muscle cons to get the juicy muscle details.

  • Extra level of controls on Chest, Hips, and head to add the extra layer of animation.

  • Whiskers on the face are not available on the facial model and rig.

High-quality realistic and VFX standard, pro, rigged Lioness model with texture, it has Arnold materials with high-resolution textures. The Lion model has clean topology and is good in one iteration of smoothing. The model has a custom rig and is ready for animation.

Technical Information

Software: Maya 2020 (or higher)

Maya scene files include: Model with Rig The rigged character

Texture: All the texture files including (Color, Normal, Specular, DSP maps).

Remember to set the project, so all the textures can be loaded automatically.

Issues and bugs?

If you have any rig issues or further questions/ requests,

Feel free to contact us:

Happy animation!

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Standard version rig


Savannah Standard version - Lioness rig

0 ratings
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